Integrate your Cyber Security Tools into various SIEM/SOAR Applications

Start building your SIEM Products with us at budget friendly rates in a span of around 2 weeks.

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Our Expertise team is integrating various security applications at budget-friendly rates in a short-term

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Interim Build

Integrate your customized SIEM/SOAR in a span of around two weeks.

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On Demand

Our on demand security delivery service is cutting edge.

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Cost Effective

Your personalized Security Integrations at budget-friendly rates.

What we do

We develop SIEM Integrated apps by reading the Events, Alarms, Detections, Incidents, IoTs, IoCs, Domains, Hashes, IPs, etc.. and develop custom dashboard to show the results and reports as per the Client’s requirement. In addition to that we create workflows, playbooks for the SIEM Integrated apps and provide dedicated support to the integrations.


We are Experts in

Provide your requirements and get your PoC done in a week.
Our team has experience in the following SIEMs & SOARs

  1. ✔ IBM QRadar
  2. ✔ IBM Resilient
  3. ✔ Splunk
  4. ✔ ServiceNow ITSM & SecOps
  5. ✔ Phantom
  6. ✔ Jira Integration
  7. ✔ Palo Alto - MineMeld
  8. ✔ Demisto

Our Streamlined Process

We follow a structured streamline workflow as per the needs and requirements of our customers.


Integration Engine for SIEM

An Automation tool for IBM-QRadar

The IESIEM Automation tool helps to overcome the usual long term development process of integrating QRadar apps.

As our team has extensive knowledge and experience in Security applications, we have already started building an Automation tool that generates a QRadar app package in few hours by providing the requirements in the IESIEM tool UI.

This tool collects the information such as log-source, custom event properties, event/category mappings and the client API request & response structure. Once all the required data is provided into our IESIEM UI, the tool generates the QRadar app package for further enhancements.

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